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Blog Posts

What's in a blog? A page by any other name would scroll as sweet . . .

Blogs are a great way to communicate important information with your audience, but can also boost your SEO. I can write short or long-form blogs, scheduled or unscheduled, and I'm comfortable doing research and citing my sources.

One-Time, Short-Form Content

This is a blog post I wrote for Unnamed Films that they can use to help future clients as they plan their wedding day. I worked with the UNF team to outline what was needed and created a post that matched their brand voice and communicated the information they needed. As a bonus, we worked in some SEO keywords to help boost their site.

Dual Use, Scheduled Content

We recently completed the inaugural post of The Filmstrip--a newsletter for Unnamed Films, which will be sent out via email and as a blog series. I create two versions of each post, adhering to brand guidelines, with a focus on hooking readers through the email to click through to the longer blog post.

Short-form, Scheduled Content

This is a piece from my personal blog, which is a journal of my family's adventure hiking the North Country Trail. I focus on providing information (What is the NCT? Where can I find it?) but also taking readers along with us on our adventures. I have tried to use a more casual tone with descriptive language, and these posts are heavy on visuals. They translate well to Instagram.

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