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From a new idea . . .

I worked with Dr. Cherry, professor emeritus of Indiana Wesleyan University, to pre-proof her manuscript and craft accurate citations for her research and career-informed book, Worship Like Jesus. She already had a draft, which I worked to help her clean up and reorganize in a few places. I also followed the Chicago Manual of Style and the Christian Writer's Manual of Style to create accurate citations and Bible references throughout the draft, enabling her to hand her editor a clean manuscript to expedite the publishing process.

to an update on an evergreen idea . . .

I worked with author Robert Hudson to create an abridged version of the Christian Writer's Manual of Style. I performed a sentence-level proof, double checking all citations and the index references, as well as proofing legibility and clarity in the main content. I also read through the 4th edition of the CWMoS to make sure that major points were included in the abridged edition. This edition was never released publically, but it was a great project to work on!

Copy Editing

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