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Natural Beauty Products

Product Pages

Product pages are a hotbed for SEO, and more importantly, are one of the most important ways you connect with your clients. I've worked with drafting product pages, proofing product pages, and even tailoring backend metadata and alt text to ensure that products are searchable on Google Images. If any of that sounds helpful, let's connect!

Editing & Proofing

As part of their recent website refresh, Unnamed Films touched up their product pages as well. I proofread the final pages to add that final coat of polish.

People-First, SEO-Focused

I worked with HarperChristian Resources to add alt text to all of their bible study products, boosting their SEO and ensuring that their products populate in Google Image searches.

Refreshing Old Products

I worked with the Wesleyan Publishing House to update their product pages with fresh tags and updated copy, double-checking links to make sure that each product pulled into the correct collection for easy navigation.

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